The economy of the each country depends upon the efforts of the companies that are working in that country because it is the contribution of those companies which is reflected in the progression of a country. On a general level, companies can be categories in to two types which are private companies and government companies. Private companies are the kind of companies which are run by the citizens of the country whereas government companies are the companies that are run by the government of the country. We get to see many different types of private and government companies around us. One such kind of a company is the property management company. Property Management Company can then be divided into commercial property Management Company and residential property Management Company. Even though the purpose of both the companies is to manage the properties of the respective areas but their way of functioning and services may differ in some points. In this article, we will be discussing about the soft and hard landscaping by the CGS Facilties Management Pty Ltd.

Property management:

Property Management Company is the kind of a company that takes the full responsibility of managing and maintaining the property on behalf of the owner of the company. Property Management Company can further be categorized into commercial property management and residential property management. There is not much of a difference between the two except for the two different respective sectors and some such services which are only needed in one of the sector. The services that are provided by the property management companies differ from the garden maintenance like garden cleanup, mowing of the garden, plantation, pruning to the repairing services like fixing of the broken property.

Soft and hard landscaping:

Landscaping is the process of converting a plain piece of land into an extraordinary garden. Landscaping can be divided into types which are hard landscaping and soft landscaping. Hard landscaping is the kind of landscaping in which the constructional things are carried out like the levelling of the ground, the removal of the huge stones and other such heavy work that is related to the construction. On the other hand, soft landscaping deals with the plantation factors in which plants are grown, garden is laid and other such garden maintenance services are provided. The services of hard landscaping and soft landscaping are provided by the commercial property management companies.


Commercial property management companies take the full responsibility of maintaining and managing the commercial properties. Landscaping is also included among many other services that are provided by the commercial property management companies. Landscaping is the process of converting plain piece of land into a beautiful garden. Hard landscaping as well as soft landscaping services are provided in which the land is properly levelled and construction is carried out where required after that vegetation part is done.