Having a divorce is quite a stressful experience. Not only do you have to cope with the emotional issues of breaking up your marriage, there are also other factors on which you will have to have an agreement with your partner. While many other legal matters are usually settled without much argument, the custody of children and the division of your assets usually bring about conflict in divorce cases. Most couples have some joint assets, which are difficult to divide when the marriage breaks up. It may also be that one partners claims the right to ownership of the entire property, which may leave the other partner with nothing. In such cases, it is better to hire a property settlement lawyers in Melbourne to help you reach a settlement regarding the division of your property and other significant assets. They specialize in divorce cases and family law and will help you get a better view of your right in the light of the law.

Many couples decide to divide their assets without consultation from a property lawyer. Although this is fine in the short term, it can cause problems for you in the long term. You may have trouble proving your stance in court if the other partner decides to take a larger share afterwards. To prevent future conflict, it is always better to finalize the property settlement directly after the divorce. Your lawyer will help advocate for your fair share in the property and may consider various options, such as rent sharing or selling the property, if the parties cannot agree on an alternative. Under the family law, you have between 1-2 years to reach a settlement regarding the shared property, so there’s no need to rush. It’s better to consider various alternatives so that you can get the best solution.

However, it not only the selling value of the property that you need to settle in the agreement. If you choose to keep ownership of the property, there will be costs associated with that as well. You may need to reach an agreement as to who will cover these costs as well as how they will have to be divided. This is usually the first step towards a successful agreement. If you can reach an agreement on the smaller issues, you will have no trouble getting the final agreement done as well. Unfortunately, some people let their emotions do the thinking in such cases, which could lead to them getting less than they deserve. Property settlement lawyers will consider various options in a neutral way, to ensure that you get your fair share. They may also help prevent the matter from reaching court and will try and reach an agreement before this happens. Visit Calley Rajah Family Lawyers to find out more details.